Behind the Lens

Hi, I’m Emily!

I have a deep love for travel, culture, the great outdoors, and beautiful light. If I’m not working or traveling, you can most likely find me in my garden, on my farm, or with my amazing boys. I’ve been obsessed with light and nature for as long as I can remember. The outdoors has always been a huge part of me. I spent most of my childhood outdoors riding horses, zip-lining across the creek, playing in the woods and searching for arrowheads. Sunrise and sunset feed my soul. There is something about watching the sunset that is an automatic reset reminding me of what’s most important in this life. God is my steady throughout this journey here on earth. I lean on him, and he is my voice of reason.

My journey as a photographer began shortly after receiving my degree in early childhood education. My path was changed at twenty when my Dad handed me a camera to photograph my sister at a barrel racing event on our farm. The rest was history! After my first year of teaching elementary school, I quit my first passion to chase my new dream and passion of becoming a photographer. There are so many things about this path that I adore. Slowing down, feeling, and documenting these fleeting moments that we call life has been a huge honor for me. Education and photography are two of my passions. I love learning, and I love the continual process of learning through education and growth. I will forever be a life long learner of the art of this craft and passion of mine.